Come with us and find out about the rich history of Narbonne. This now lively city has been a truly buzzing town, be it during the Middle Ages or Antiquity. Let's discover the remains of these ancient times ! Narbonne is one of the favorite places to see for heritage lovers.

  • Saint Just cathedral's choir is the fourth highest choir in France !
  • Remains of the Roman Via Domitia
  • the archbishop's palace
  • The Robine canal, on the UNESCO heritage list
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Entrance fees to Narbonne's museums (Luxury Tour)

Duration2 Hours 30 Minutes
ParticipantsGroups up to 40 people

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The guided tour begins on the outskirts of the city center, then in the old town. You will see Narbonne's highlights and hear about its rich history. 

The classical Tour (1h30) includes:

- Town House Square

- New Palace's courtyard

- Saint-Just-Saint-Pasteur cathedral (subject to opening)

The Luxury Tour (2h30) adds a museum tour to the classical Tour: you can choose one museum on this list:

1. History and Art Museum

2. Gilles Aycelin's Keep

Please contact us for further details about how to book and buy tickets for the museums.

You can select the guide you believe will suit you most, and organize your Narbonne Tour together.

Choose your preferred appointment and book.

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